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Industrial & Commercial Standards

If I wanted my Cameras to follow common standards, what would anyone recommend? For example, standards like HCIS, ARAMCO and SABIC were mentioned for the Saudi Arabian market. Also, how does one go about getting approved by a particular standard?

Why do you want your cameras to follow certain standards? Are you being blocked out of important deals because you lack them? Unless that is the case, I am not sure why you prioritize this.

UL / Safety approvals are fairly common, though not universal.

I can be potentially blocked out of deals. In my market research for the GCC, the High Commission Industrial Security Standard was mentioned quite a few times. They key compliance we're being asked to meet for some of these projects is the +65 deg C OT.

I do not know of any standard that validates temperature range. Is someone in the "High Comission" doing verification tests to ensure cameras work at 65C?

lol. I'm not sure to be honest if it's a process I have to go through to be approved by the "High Freakin Commission" lol or just simply meet their requirements as per their standards on my spec. sheet. Here's the document.