Indoor / Outdoor Cable?

We're looking for category 5E cable for an indoor/outdoor application. It needs to pass the CMR flammability tests for use inside a building and it needs to be sunlight proof to be used outside. We also need an overall shield for lightning suppression. We found

Primus Shielded Cat 5e indoor/outdoor cable C5CMXR-1081BK

Our application is a radio, but this should be same as an outdoor camera.

Does anyone have any experience with Primus Cable? We haven't heard of them. They *look* legit, but as they say, on the internet no one knows you're a dog. (or something like that...)


I looked over the spec sheet and I know they are calling this an indoor cable but the cable is not rated FT4 or FT6 unless I am missing something. In my opinion this is NOT and indoor cable and can NOT be used in Plenum air spaces.

I have yet to see a UV rated cable suitable for indoor use, now depending on your local code rules you are allowed to bring this type of cable inside a building so many feet. The cable must be transitioned to and FT4 or FT6 cable unless you run it in conduit then it doesn't matter.

Thanks for your reply. My understanding is the FT4 (Flame Test #4) is the description of how to do the test and CMR is the NEC designation you put on the cable if it passes the test. I agree that this is not plenum cable -- which would require the FT6 test that you mention.

We may end up using indoor cable to the roof access room and coupling to an outdoor cable if we decide that we need to meet the plenum requirement. That is another discussion. My suspicion is that Primus is a distributor that contracts with cable manufacturers to make cable that carries their house label. That is not necessarily bad, unless there are reports of improperly labeled product. Even though the University uses lots (and lots) of cable, it usually comes to use through contractors. It is rare for us to be procuring directly.


It is rare for us to be procuring directly.

Then why are you choosing to do it now?