Indoor Analog (Mildly Rough Enironment) Suggestions.

We are looking for the ideal indoor analog camera for use with encoders.
The ideal camera would;

A. Screw mount to a ceiling rafter through the drywall ceiling. (cable in attic to garage)

B. Once aimed, it isn't easily moved with a bump. (typical metal dome that tightens securely)

C. available with a near 90 degree HFOV and 45 degree HFOV.

D. Average to better video quality 640/720 lines.

E. Small, Metal, and white will be best.

optional feature.

The IR, if any is adjacent to the opposed to being behind a lens shield.
or some form of low light...

We assume these will have a pigtail with a BNC video, and 12V dc connector.

I think you just described most turret or eyeball cameras. Now for the FOV part.....

I appreciate UD1's humorous reply, but in all seriousness, we've been near 100% IP for over 10 years. the project could grow to 100's of locations, unique to this application, and I was hoping someone good narrow our search. A reliable source is just as important as performance given the long term potential. The smaller, and the IR outside the glass is making more sense too. A google search for images returns a lot of ideas, but importing from SE Asia isn't my desire.

Andrew, I was actually answering your question. The newer Turret/Eyeball cameras typically are IP66/67. The glass surrounding the lens is usually separate from the glass over the LEDs. They are usually white, small and have locking screws to prevent movement.

If you are creating the requirement of US or UK made, that will add complexity as I don't know of a manufacturer that will not be from Korea or China.

Some options could be to buy cameras capable of HD and SD in case the spec changes. The FOV for a SD camera might be an issue. I didn't feel like doing the calculation.

Hikvision EX IR analog domes, never used it but it meets, at least, a number of your criteria.

We've tested The Hik camera has a decent image, and the IR outside the lens creates a good night image. However, the plastic housing regardless of how tight you mount it, the turret is easily turned and aimed by hand. We're thinking SuperGlue might address that issue.

I am sure there are other all metal ball type cameras. I am not with Digital Watchdog, but here is a quick search example for "turret" "eye ball" "cctv" "camera". Aluminum 540TVL Analog Camera, and I'm not recommending this one. Just an example!

I would suggest, if the budget allows using something that can also be AHD/CVI/TVI if a recording solution is used or will be used. Analog really is dying out quickly.

We have dozens if not hundreds of CNB VCM-24VF domes in operation on various client sites; if you want to go with analog, they cover your requirements nicely:

  • Cast aluminum, white powder coated, vandal-resistant dome
  • IP65 (we have many of them outside in direct weather that have survived for years, even right on the ocean coast)
  • 2.8-10.5mm lens on 1/3" sensor yields very close to 90-degree FOV
  • Dual-power 12VDC/24VAC, and will actually work with pretty much anything from 9-30V
  • Very low current - 2.2W max. I have two running off a single Cat5e nearly 200' long
  • True day/night
  • Incredible low-light performance - spec says .05 lux Color, .005 lux B&W. Been using them in dimly-lit restaurants and they're amazing performers
  • 600TVL
  • Flush-mountable in a 3-1/4" hole, or surface mountable with an included back-box (with 1/2" and 3/4" threaded inlets) - room inside the back-box for most baluns I've used as well
  • 3-axis gimbal that requires no locking screws, adjusts easily, and stays where you put it.

As an installer, this may be my all-time favorite camera to work with, they're just so damn versatile.

Only requirement of yours they don't fit is the "small" part - CNB does have a few micro-dome models that use the same Monalisa chipset, but the ones I've used don't do TDR and didn't do nearly as well in very low light.

Always wished they would have applied that technology to a megapixel model...


I have two SPECO models coming for testing..

VLEDT2HW 3.6mm White, metal, typical dome, not low light, but the ambient lighting will be fine..

For the narrow spaces, the T1 model of same thing, has 2.8-12mm (external adjustment screw)

(made in Taiwan) from all I can determine from the, and

I like to know where stuff comes from....

I think I'll get the one you are recommending too, and decide between the two ,considering the volume if all goes as I plan.

Thanks Matt.