In Search Of A PTZ With Direct Fiber Connection?


For a big install we are in search of a indoor (or outdoor) PTZ with a direct fiber SFP connection.

Anyone an idea?

Thanks a lot

All of the Hanwha outdoor PTZ cameras have an optional fiber SFP cap that can be swapped for the standard cap.

Such as the SNP-6321H, SNP-6320RH, etc. There are 2 different fiber caps, depending on model...

Uniview has such PTZ domes:

Axis has a few such as the Q6045.


They have a neat, "Eco Plug" interface that can also go into their fixed box and dome cameras.

This is your deal my friend. Hikvision DS-2DP16362-D

360 + P T Z all in one with Direct fiber output cant beat it.