In House Lease?

With the new affordable camera technology has anyone considered offering a full service leas/rent program?

A local chemical company I know of manufactures sanitation chemicals and offers a commercial dish washer program on this premiss. Copier companies have been doing forever as well.

In the two examples that you gave, the lessor makes its money selling the consumables that the product uses; the dishwasher uses chemicals, the copier uses toner and other supplies. Don't see this parallel in the video surveillance industry.

I think the low price point of cameras may actually cause consumers to move in the other direction: "Why pay for a lease or service when I can buy a new one for $89..."

...the lessor makes its money selling the consumables that the product uses...

So perhaps a lease for higher-end product bundled with a full featured cloud offering would make more sense?

We began doing this in the IT sector a long time ago, with a plan of having the installation setup covering much of the equipment/software expense. However, Microsoft changed the legal license requirements some time ago, and later came out with SPLA licensing. The complexity of spla out a stop to that. It will take some deep pockets to sell and install $300 kits and be competitive with broadband carriers Comcast, TW, etc.. selling basic camera kits for $50 to $99 monthly with 36 month agreements.