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In A Field Of View This Narrow (~14')?

What's the meaning of ~14' in this description? the distance from the object to the camera or the width of the view? 14' =14 feet,right?

Narrow typically refers to width.

14' = 14 feet or 4.26 meters

14 feet is fairly narrow relatively speaking. Consider a 720p camera covering a 14' wide area, that's 91ppf (1280 horizontal pixels / 14 feet).

14 feet is fairly narrow relatively speaking...

Just the intended FOV is narrow, since the lens itself could be wide-angle or zoom, true?

So you would think also supplied would be distance to subject or lens angles, no?

There could be, e.g., they want to monitor people at 14' wide area AND also at 100' wide area with the same camera.

Typically, you would expect / be prudent to define the widest area you need for a certain objective.