Improving Scenes In The IPVM Camera Calculator

We have 6 scenes currently in the calculator, such as parking lot and hallway:

Here are stats of what users are most frequently choosing (excludes the default intersection view):

  • 604: Parking lot
  • 487: Hallway
  • 418: Entrance
  • 379: Conference Room
  • 352: Lobby

Any suggestions for additional scenes? Improvements to scenes?

Btw, by end of the week, uploading user submitted scenes will be live. If you have any to share as beta / testing, please submit. Either post here or email us at Make sure to include the HFoV / AoV of the image.

What is the estimated heighth of these cameras?

Ideas for additional scenes

  1. Dock Door(s)
  2. POS Lanes/Checkouts
Drive thru gated entrance.

Thanks for the feedback.

We are planning to add more 'general scenes'. Those mentioned above are good ideas.

Feel free to add more.

We started with 6 scenesbut our thinking now is that we will increase to 15 or 20 over the next few months.

Also, you can now upload your own scenes, so if you want to share a scene, we will consider adding it to the general side.

its a great tool - just a few:

Outside Courtyard to a Office building or complex - Outdoor Pool area

Wide Angle or Lobby Shot camera pointing downward

Below ground parking level(s) -

Entrance/Exit for License Plate capture

Elevator and escalator

Sporting Event - Outdoors

We just added an lpc / vehicle entrance scene.


Try it out here.