Images In IPVM Articles

To IPVM: Is it possible to make images in articles (new articles) clickable to see them in a higher resolution?

We could automatically / programmatically wrap a link around images to make it simpler to open / download.

Sometimes, I do this manually if I know people are likely to want to see an image full screen.

It would be great. Sometimes it is hard to see details now.

Ok, I added it to our list of features. We probably will do it but I want to think a little more about any other issues involved and if we do it, it won't be right away as we are in the middle of doing a responsive website redesign right now.

Sometimes what you see isn't what you get. I often reduce the display dimensions of my image by half just to conserve space on the page.

An extreme example would be:

You should be able to see a higher res image just by opening the image in a new tab.

Others do this as well, so it's worth checking...