IHS Reports 245 Million Security Cameras Are Installed Worldwide...

245 Million Security cameras.

According to their recent report:

IHS has been tracking annual shipment volumes of video surveillance cameras for over ten years. This report builds on this decade of research to provide, for the first time, a dedicated analysis of the installed base of network, analog and HD CCTV security cameras.

Here's the methodology paper.

Breakdown by type:

  • HD CCTV: ~2%
  • IP Cameras: ~20%
  • Analog/Other: ~78

Asia was listed as having 65% of all installed cameras. For vendors, Hikvision ranked first, and Samsung Techwin ranked second, which seems a bit unlikely.

For network cameras, Axis is ranked #1 and Hikvision #2. Look for Axis to update their website shortly.

I believe that the HD CCTV number includes CVI and SDI but I could be wrong. Anybody who has a subscription to IHS is welcome to clarify.

245 Million Cameras at D1 resolution works out to be about 10K pixels per person. So the whole world could take a group snapshot at the same time. Find your camera...