IFSEC Show - Should You Go?

A member just asked for our opinion of the IFSEC show - the next one being held June 17 - 19 , 2014.

There are two big European security trade shows - IFSEC and Essen. The most fundamental difference between them is that Essen is in Germany and is only held every 2 years (2012, 2014, 2016, etc.).

If you are in Europe, and want to go to a security show, these are the 2 to pick from. If you are in the UK, IFSEC is certainly the one to go to (because it's a local show).

For people in the rest of the word, neither show compares to the breadth and depth of new products and executives that come to ISC West. However, for people outside of North America, ISC's West location in Vegas, may be quite a trip.

We went to Essen in 2010 and it was fine, but it did not offer anything radically different or better than ISC. My impression of IFSEC is similar, though the UK folks have a colorful approach to video surveillance CCTV so....

Anyone with experience or advice to share, please do so.