If You Were Forced To Use A DVR Over A NVR - What Would You Recommend?

I've got a particular client that is not ready to switch to IP - it will happen, it will be funded from a different department - God only knows when. In the meantime, I would like to find a reliable and other integrator recommended dvr to look at. Most of their sites have 10-15 Analog cameras. Some sites have cameras needing to be replaced (various issues - dead camera, bad power supply or possible broken wire, etc).

Customer does not need:

Web browser interface - they are restricted to not put the unit on the network - all interface is directly at the unit.

Hybrid or immediate future IP upgrades - Not a game changer - the unit will eventually change out in another project.

What is needed:


Good Support (can you reach them/understand them if you need help?)

Easy to learn interface (for the moment, the interface will be limited to at the machine only),

Price is relative - I'm not looking for an Exacq or Salient Hybrid unit but I'm not seeking something that has the instruction manual transferred from Google translate either.

Thank you in advance.

You are looking at CVI or TVI which would allow the use of existing cameras with an opinion for HD where needed. IMHO.

Bolide makes a very nice unit, and so does Everfocus. Good luck with that.

Hikvision Tribrid DS-7316HQHI-SH supports HD-TVI or std analog (auto-detected) and 2 IP cameras at 1080p. You can disable inputs one by one to add additional IP cameras (up to 1080p), up to 18 total (with no ananlog/TVI).

The 9008 and 9016HQHI series is coming shortly which support 8 TVI/Analog + 8 IP up to 5Mp on the 8 channel and 16 /16 on the 16 channel. You can disable inputs as well to make it a 16 or 32 channel NVR.

I've long been a fan of Speco. Easy to use, reliable, long lasting, good tech support, and not overly expensive.

I've used a Dahua DVR as an analog-to-IP encoder for a 3xLOGIC Vigil NVR, with the Vigil simply pulling RTSP streams from it the same way it would from Dahua IP cameras...

It should be possible to do similar with a variety of different low-cost DVRs, making for a much easier transition later on, allowing some NVRs to use the existing analog cameras as things are switched over.

As for WHICH DVRs and NVRs will support this... you'll have to do your own experimentation. Maybe that's a future article for IPVM. I know it works with Dahua and Vigil.

Hikvision tribrid all day. This gives the customer the option to upgrade to TVI and IP in the future. TVI cameras are less expensive and better than analog.

I like this machine as well, but note that it has limits to the number of IP cameras you can add, and you have to use their TVI cameras. It does perform quite well though.

Depends on the model, the nice 16 channel ones will accept 18 IP cameras with the most up-to-date firmware.

John- our DS-9008HQHI and 9016HQHI also allow disabling inputs and allow up to 5MP IP cameras. New firmware coming will support 6MP.

Best regards



Did you mean to say you had to use their (HIK) IP cameras (you said TVI)? I would think that they would accept any TVI camera as it is an analog signal.

Karsten, I have not tried others, but it is my understanding from the factory and literature that it only works with their cameras. I did directly inquire about that. I agree, they should be interchangeable, but I was told no.

Mark- Hikvision TurboHD is HD-TVI and will accept any HD-TVI camera. I am not sure who you talked to but I would like to be able to correct that person.

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