Ie/Activex No Longer Supported, Move To Edge Browser

i havent heard much about the security industry seeing IE no longer being supported except the latest version, which is being replaced by the Edge browser which doesnt support ActiveX which alot of manufacturers depend on. does anyone else see this as a problem coming? IE 11 will be the last but backwards compatibility with the latest and greatest hardware using legacy software can cause issues. anyone have thoughts or concerns on this?

We talked a bit about this in our Google Breaks Surveillance Browser Support update. I'm not sure what manufacturers will do, because when Chrome ended NPAPI support quite a few said "in a few months" they'd have Chrome support fixed. It's more than a few months and still most of them require IE for various functions.

For what it's worth, IE11 is still included in Windows 10, just hidden from the start menu, but you can find it via Explorer or just start > run > "iexplore" -- a lot of people don't even know it's there. there's also an option to open a page in IE fro Edge, but I don't have it in front of me to screenshot.

Lately, I was using Firefox and IE11

This will certainly make configuring our Panasonic camera install base fun.