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Touchless Fingerprinting? Idair

This company, IDair, claims to deliver 'touchless fingerprinting'

Video demo:


Interesting find! I've contacted the company with a few questions.

My biggest question follows the difference in a 'contact' print vs. a 'touchless' print: When my finger makes contact with a surface, the geometry of the print is pressed out and flattened. Do I have the same number of confidence points with a round print as I do a flattened one?

I am guessing this means that a touch print will look different to a dbase than a 'touchless' print, so you only can use the touchless entry at touchless readers and not store them for use between systems using other fingerprint readers.

It almost doesn't seem secure to me.

HA ha, I like the "Adam West" name.

Intriguing concept. If you can do picture facial and iris recognition, then why not picture fingerprint recognition? It would preclude some problems like a dirty or smudged transparent plate if you're not having to touch it, but my guess is it would still be susceptible where callouses or dirty fingers are common in manual labor, so might still be ideal for mostly office uses.

A good idea for a future IPVM test: a "shootout” between common or innovative fingerprint recognition devices... how many prints do they hold, how fast do they respond and their error rates?