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Ice Blackbox Is This The Next Killer App?

At ESX 2014, this week there was a lot of talk about this new app called ICE Black Box.

It allows users to capture crime in progress or threatening situations with their smart phone and upload it to the PSAP. The app business is 50% owned by the National Sherrifs association and 1/2 the PSAPs are owned by the National Sherriffs association.

A unique business model don't you think?

Thanks, Robert.

I asked Brian to contact them to learn more.

In particular, I am curious who is going to pay for this. I guess they'll charge the local Police Departments? And, if so, I am curious how many they can sell on this to reach critical mass.

Perhaps the business model is the subscription starts after critical mass, it could be a user pay for service (hardly ever) plus a nominal annual fee?

I think their issues will be every fender bender will be dispatched - perhaps that maybe good as it would create a new type of accident report.

'Every fender bender will be dispatched.'

That's if they can get people to know about it / use it.

This is essentially a consumer marketing problem and typically you need to spend a lot of money (tens of millions) to get people to find about it, remember to download, etc.