IC Realtime Vs Clearview

A member noted in Chat:

"We have a ICRealtime system. My major issues are that the software with the system leaves a lot to be desired. Additionally ICRealtime seems to charge a lot compared to other manufacturers for features / $s"

The member also noted that IC Realtime charges ~$3k for PTZs. Marty Major pointed out that there are 'Clearview Powered by IC Realtime' PTZs for much less.

So, this begs the question: What is the difference between IC Realtime and Clearview Powered by IC Realtime'.

We spoke with a Clearview rep to find out.

Net/net: They are the same company, different divisions, with one branded 'high' (IC Realtime) and one branded 'low' / budget (Clearview). The products can be mixed and matched as well.

The differences: Clearview is much less expensive than IC Realtime but has a 7 year warranty instead of a 10-year warranty. Also, some 'premium' products are only available on the IC Realtime side (like recorders for more than 32 channels). Clearview focuses more on selling turnkey kits than IC Realtime.

This appears to be trunk slammer marketing genius. OEM the same products from China / Dahua, set up a 'premium' brand IC Realtime and then a 'budget' brand Clearview for those same products.

Oh, for those wondering there is IC Real Tech as well, which recently got $15 million in funding.

This is a related company that appears to be their attempt to free themselves from being a re-labeler and to try to become their own manufacturer.