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IBM Video Analytics Experience?

Anybody know of installations that has been done with IBM as VCA for large outdoor environment and perimeter detection with Milestone as VMS?

If you do can you share some information about it?


Thanks in advance

// Snowman

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NO ONE???!

I really need some inside info on this one, please...

// Snowman

It might just be that there are not much out there. Years ago, IBM was touting NYC but, from everything I heard, it was a clunky, super expensive system that worked poorly in real use (vs canned demos they put on for gullible reporters). I have not heard of IBM doing surveillance video analytics in quite some time. I am sure they are still doing some as they are good about jamming in as much ancillary services to their mega projects but it seems like the overall effort fell flat and is no longer a top priority for them.

So I featured this in the weekend newsletter and a few hundred more people read this discussion but still evidently not much in the way of IBM experiences or interactions.

We have experience with IBM Video Analytics and Milestone in large outdoor deployments. IVA is extremely powerful but accordingly complex. You're not likely to get many responses as there are few companies qualified to put it in. I would assume you are looking for something more than simple perimeter if you're considering IVA.

From what I've seen, IBM tends to do it itself. It's more of a professional services project than a product. Is your experience different, Deegan?

IBM sometimes uses thier own groups to do the installs, but we also work together on each others projects. We sell and integrate their analytics as well as other IBM software. They bring us into their opportunities and we bring them into ours.