I3 International Experience

My company is considering partnering with i3 international, do we have any current or former i3 international partners within the IPVM community? I would like to know your experiences with i3 international. I heard some really great things about their products and some bad experiences on being a partner with them.

My intention is not to put down or talk bad about i3 international or any other companies. I would like to get more information to make an educated decision on partnering. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You!

Was going to post the exact same question myself until I thought to look if there was someone else had posted information. For a company claiming to be so big.... never heard of them before.

i3 has been around for quite a while. I was a dealer back when they where a KODACOM OEM and called themselves i3dvr. So to be fare, this was a number of years ago at the beginning of DVR technology. I have often wondered how they are doing after all these years. For being around as long as they have been, I am surprised they do not have a bigger name in the industry. By many standards, they may be considered a veteran manufacture.

In more recent years I have bumped up against them in the retail, PoS and QSR space. If this is your market segment, I have heard good things. Their PoS integration is solid and they have a wide range of PoS vendor integrations through software hooks, reducing the old-school ASCII method using a printer port.

If this is your market, also look at Digiop. They also do a lot in PoS, QSR space.

As for their tech support, channel integrity, dealer support, etc... not sure. Look forward to seeing what others say.