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VMS With Very Good Perimeter Intrusion Detection

I want to know what vms use to have a very good perimeter intrusion detection using 1080p cameras with sensor 1/2.7 "CMOS for a distance of 500m. I'd use Genetec's Omnicast and third-party solution for perimeter detection

objectives: to secure a perimeter of 10km
12m pole install any 500
on each pole was installed two cameras (one in front of the other)
camera full HD 2.7 "CMOS with lenses 200mm
have less than two alarms camera

So does this mean you want video analytics? And thermal is not acceptable?

Also, have you choosen Genetec or are you asking about VMS choice?

thank's John,

yes, we will use video analysis, but we want to be sure of our choice. for thermic cameras, they are too expensive. for GENETEC has not yet decided. we hesitate between GENETEC and MILESTONE for VMS. for video analysis is also looking for a good editor, specializing in perimeter detection.

For 500 meters of perimeter intrusion detection, I am not sure if non thermal cameras will be less expensive, simply because thermal cameras can see a lot farther in the dark and with a lot less problems with light sources (like head lights, shadows, etc.).

yes, the cameras thérmal see further, however in our case the cloure is lit by streetlights every 40m. secondly, it will equip the boxes of fixed cameras infrared illuminators with a range of 140m, for the system to work even in case of failures. What is the average price of a thermal camera. and soon as the cameras are 100% compatible with VMS. and what video analytics solution used

Average price of thermal cameras is $5,000 USD but the DRS series starts at just $2,000 USD and performed well in our tests. At $2,000, that's very close to the cost of a professional box camera + external IR illuminator.

Equally importantly, you are going to avoid nuisance issues with dealing with visible light and analytics.

[IPVM Editor's Note: This comment has been deleted because it failed to address a key requirement here - analytics.]

I don't see this working very well.

Also, you'd really only need closer to a 50mm lens at that distance. 200mm lens would be too narrow of a shot for most applications, especially if you're concerned about false alarms (that what I take from your "less than two alarms..." requirement).

I agree with John, this application is better suited for thermal cameras. In my experience, you're going to have a lot of problems at night (and many times during the day) getting a clear, visible, shot out to 500M with a standard optical camera. However, if the customer is willing to accept that system performance may be comprised during rain/snow/fog or similar bad weather, then it might be OK.

Our product would work with Genetec, Milestone, and most other major VMS's, but I still wouldn't advise using it as you described. This sounds a little bit like "here's my budget, what's the best fit", when this should be approached as "here's my problem, what's the most cost-effective solution".