Hikvision Ivms-4500 Incorrect Channel Number?

I have a couple of customers who are experiencing the same problem. The first channel on the phone app says "Failed to connect...Incorrect channel number". All of the other cameras connect on the app. All of the cameras are fine on the NVR as well as from a web browser. I have the systems loaded on my phone with no issues at all.

Anyone know a solution?

Hey Jason I am Also facing the same issue.

Can you tell me if this problem is solved.

I am planning to remove the app and reinstall again....

It is coming in my other android phone. I have seen this issue on an Iphone.

No solution yet. You are the first person to acknowledge the same problem. I have uninstalled and reinstalled with no luck.

Please update if you find a solution.

I have access to local distributor service team will talk and get back. For you also is it on iPhone or Android?. In my case I am able to see the first camera in my Android phone but not able to see on my customers iPhone.

All of the instances have been iphones. however, on those instances, it was only one iphone. Out of three iphones accessing the same system, same network, same time, it is always just one iphone with the issue. And it is only when connecting on the LAN. The missing camera will work when switching that iphone to its LTE connection.

I dont always have the issue, just occaosionally which leads me to suspect the iphone's particular firmware. Have not looked at that.

Had this issue again today with two iPhone 6 pluses. This time I deleted the device and re-entered it and it worked! I have tried to delete the app in the past but never just deleted the device in the app. Anxious to try this on the other customers with the same issue. Try this and let me know your results please.