Using A Hikvision Camera With An OpenEye NVR

I've got an application where I'd like to use a Hikvision DS-2CD7254FWD-EIZS with an OpenEye NVR but I'm concerned about compatibility. I've checked with OpenEye and their response is their NVRs are compatible with any ONVIF camera but does that mean that all of the features of the camera will be available. Other than bringing in the camera and NVR, does anyone have suggestions? Thanks

If OpenEye has directly said they support it, then it's a good sign and also implicitly them taking responsibility.

In terms of features, it's a fixed camera so that simplifies things.

The biggest feature to be concerned is camera side motion detection which often does not work unless the NVR/VMS specifically develops / integrates it.

Beyond that, it may not support remote zoom / focus from the NVR and analytics (in case you use that).