I Updated To Windows 10 - Problem Posting IPVM Discussions

Why cant I use Google Chrome I don't see reply box? IE ask to do Control bla bla whats up?

Greg, do you mean the reply box for IPVM comments? email me at john@ipvm.com if there are any problems replying, thanks

This is Win10/Chrome

This is Win10/IE11

Jon, thanks, we got another similar report recently, and are working on a fix. My apologies.

I usually am using my iPhone, but happened to be on my PC and just wanted to give you a visual. Glad to help if needed.

Just an FYI, your textbox is getting a style attribute of hidden for some reason.

I get the same thing now and then using Chrome on Win7. Seems to me this is a known bug John mentioned in the thread about the recent site updates - just refresh, and the edit box should appear.

Can you try clearing your cache? Force clearing cache for all IPVM.com?

We believe the issue is that an older js file version is causing the problem.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Worked perfectly...

I had this after the site updated its code. In chrome you can make it load the reply box by turning off a setting that is seeing the .js code that John mentioned. While not recommended, turning this setting off will allow you to see the reply box until the site code changes/updates.

  • Open Chrome.
  • In the top right, click the Chrome menu Chrome menu.
  • Click Settings > Show advanced settings.
  • Under "Privacy," uncheck the box "Protect you and your device from dangerous sites."

1, thanks. Can you try clearing your cache? I don't recommend disabling any security.

Didn't clear cache, but did "check" the box to keep protection, restart Chrome and all is well. My guess is this was just an issue from a week ago when the initial change was made, and is no longer in cache today.

Thanks for the update, appreciate it!