I Need A Camera With These 12 Features

In your site is possible to find a camera whit complex features?
for example i will tell you features of an ip camera and if it is possible please tell me the brand of the camera.
1.At least 3 mp (megapixel)
2.Min illumination : color:0.1 lux & b/w:0.01 (ICR)
3.WDR=yes (>=120db)
4.outdoor fixed dome = Yes
5. p-iris = Yes
6. ip66 & ik10 =Yes
7.stream: at least 4 stream
8. IR(Infrared) at least 30 meter.
9. Lens: vari focal and focus and remote zoom. (start: 2.8 to 4 mm end: 8 to 12 mm)
10. sesor size : 1/3 " mos , cmos
11. at least: (20 f/s for 3 mp) and (30 f/s for 1080p)
12. Memory SD is Necessary.

We found 1 matching camera for every criteria out of 2800+ cameras in our database. Here is the result.

This was emailed to us originally and is an excellent example of the power of our Camera Finder.

FYI, expected ship date not til October.

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The SNV-7084R model is pretty close. The only spec that didn't match up exactally is that it is 25m IR viewable distance. This is a 3 megapixel outdoor vandal dome, and is a current shipping model.

Good point. I am pretty sure he was responding to a bid spec, ergo the exact demands here. But if he was simply looking for a camera with these types of properties, he certainly could have relaxed some of the constraints.

I am pretty sure he was responding to a bid spec, ergo the exact demands here.

Don't people who write an exact spec usually have a camera or three in mind when doing so? Even if they just don't copy the A&E word for word? Just asking.

IMO, the quad stream req is the most limiting, maybe followed by the 120db one.

Yes, probably a product was already decided on.

The multi-streaming thing is tough as (nearly) everyone says they multi-stream and most companies are pretty liberal at saying how many streams they can deliver (though delivering all of them at full resolution, compression and frame rate is often an issue).

Yes, probably a product was already decided on...

In that case do you think its the 5MP H.265 Samsung dome? Or another?

Could be something else or it could be someone frankensteined the spec.

I have to say John, the "Tools" section of your website are becoming quite invaluable. Have you ever considered partioning that off into its own add-on feature?

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We found 1 matching camera for every criteria out of 2800+ cameras in our database. Here is the result.

Every criteria except for number of streams. The Samsung has three, not four as stipulated in the OP. The camera finder, AFAIK, does not have a filter for number of streams, though I don't think it really needs one either.

The Samsung is still the best match of the database. But there could be a new camera out there that matches the spec completely.

Perhaps the spec writer meant concurrent users? That is 10 for Samsung.

The spec sheet says "Multiple streaming (Up to 3 profiles)". As I mentioned above, the multi-stream spec is not to be trusted, but one could contend here that they can do 4 streams, with up to 3 different profiles set.

Most Samsung cameras support up to 10 unique profiles (combination of resolution, frame rate, codec, etc.). This is different than number of concurrent users.

This model states 3 profiles, but it is a preliminary spec sheet. I am going to venture that it will most likely support more than 3 unique profiles...

This is different than number of concurrent users.

Yes, absolutely. It is the number of uniquely defined streams, i.e. profiles, that the camera can concurrently deliver.

Used in this sense, i.e., "dual streaming", "triple streaming" etc, is not based on the total number of Unicast IP streams that one sees in netstat, but just the differently defined ones.

Therefore I suggest that John's language of 'they can do 4 streams, with up to 3 different profiles set.' can only be referencing concurrent use of the same stream by one or more endpoints.

As for whether the preliminary spec will be supplanted, time will tell, but my IPVM training has taught me to be skeptical that the stated value is accurate, and certainly not to conclude it is understated. Maybe that's advanced Jedi stuff. :)

Also, it's worth pointing out that this is a 5MP h.265 camera, which is no doubt more taxing than a 3MP h.264 one, so there may be real reasons why the stream count is much lower.


Bottom line: Since they only say three now, if you really need four streams you better wait til they come out to test them. Or get some assurance from the mfr at least. Don't you think?

"Since they only say three now, if you really need four streams"

They don't say three streams, they say "Multiple streaming (Up to 3 profiles)". I really don't want to spend any time debating whether a profile is equal to a stream or not.


So I have looked inside and outside of the camera finder at some length for a camera that meets at least the other 11 criteria, and would agree that the Samsung's found by John and undisclosed 3 are the best fits.

Are all of the other criteria 100% firm?

If not I think there could be quite a few more candidates found...

Panasonic 6 series also will meet all of that except the lenses they make two models though LT and L. LT is for long range and L is for shortish* requirements I Use the WV-SFV631L and LT models they are are awefull expensive though.

It's a nice camera for sure!

But the sensor is only 2.4M.


Nope Spec sheets arent acurate. although I did check the settings and you lose alot of the functions and WDR when you switch it too 3MP but It still is techinically 3MP

Actually, I believe it is a 2.4Mp image sensor. They use "super resolution" to get effective 3mp resolution, however the imager is still 2.4mp. If I recall correctly, that camera may be using an imager where there are multiple layers, and that can be used to increase the resolution some....

Beware super-resolution.

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