Progress On Milestone Vsaas?

I would love a hosted solution like Rackspace or Amazon that would allow me to hand off my Milestone and Briefcam servers to someone that manages those things for a living. I don't even care if it is Milestone as long as I can integrate Briefcam.

A, I sent an email asking Milestone about progress. I also sent an email to Briefcam asking about VSaaS integrations.

Regarding Milestone progress, there was a Milestone VSaaS announcement last week. Key excerpt:

"PROMISE has been working closely with Milestone to customize the XProtect Corporate VMS according to Asahi Net's requirements. Milestone engineers will be involved providing custom development services, as well."

That does not indicate Milestone has anything more 'off the shelf' to offer, though perhaps you can look at using that.

Background for other readers: Milestone as a VSaaS (2012)

I'll let you know if we get any other details.

Milestone responded:

"Partners use the administration extensions in MIP SDK to create VSaaS features as custom add-ons."

So it appears that the core VMS features in XProtect are the same. However, you should contact Milestone if you want details on add-ons / SDK.

Awesome! Thanks for the infomation John. I would be interested to hear if you get a response from Briefcam as well. With everyone living in the cloud these days, you would think they would get these requests more and more frequently.

Feedback From Briefcam:

  • Yes, Briefcam a professional cloud offering available today.
  • No, Briefcam is not yet integrated to a professional VMS cloud offering.

They also added that when integrations are ready for release / announcement, they would let us know.

Like with Milestone, since this is a niche case, contact them directly to discuss your specifics.