I Avoid Updating Hikvision Firmware At All Costs, But Then New Cameras Wont Work Unless You Do And Its A Security/Performance Issue If You Do Not

I've had the same issue and it bricked the device, TFTP upload of firmware wouldnt work because is asked for the wrong file (some Avigilon camera driver rather than the .dav file) - at least half my attempts at upgrading Hikvision firmware end up in disaster, their whole firmware process needs an overhaul, so many versions, you have to do them sequentially and you still dont know if its going to actually work.. Issues like you had are common but should not be like that. I avoid updating Hikvision firmware at all costs, but then new cameras wont work unless you do and its a security/performance issue if you do not. Its horrible

I've rarely had issues with Dahua Cameras/NVR's or Axis Cameras

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