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Need New Hire For CCTV In South Florida / Ft Lauderdale Area

Picked up two more hospitals. I hope it's appropriate to post here if not John please delete.

Kenneth, I am OK with the posting though with no details at all, I am not sure how many people will consider it. I'd recommend including a link to your website and a short overview of the position (skills / experience needed, etc.).

We do it all, though 90% of all is still analog. I'm looking for an installer/tech to run cables, install cameras, power supplies, etc plus troubleshoot existing systems. Reasonable people skills, neat installation habits, can troubleshoot through problems. Is willing to learn as we also handle catv standard and hi def commercial systems, intercom, and ku vsat.

Im not looking for a network systems specialist though that may come up in the not too far future.

i suspect most technician installers are not shelling out the money for this site membership but I could be wrong!

I would appreciate any leads, my cell is 5613106792.

Ken Macphee

F.V.T. Inc.