I Am An Avigilon VIP

Thanks Pedro!

While I am flattered, I do not go to such events. Also, I did not realize IPVM, or anyone at our company, was an Avigilon VIP.

Our last official trade show interaction with Avigilon was slightly less cordial:

On the other hand, if this invitation is going to me on a blast to seemingly everyone on their mailing list, it would appear their standards are not terribly high, so if you are interested, feel free to RSVP at events@avigilon.com...

Got to spend that $200 million somehow..

Make sure you wear your lanyard

That would be quite a conversation starter at the Avigilon party...


Not going?? And miss out on your "I Got Schmoozed by Schmode!" apparel?

1500 'VIPs' came to the event, according to Avigilon's show recap.

That's a lot of people, and at $100+ per person, it's roughly equivalent to an IDIS show booth, though certainly with happier, more lubricated, attendees.

1500??? Do that many people even fit in there?