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Humorous Surveillance Video Of "Worlds Toughest Bridge"

Dedicated bridge video site: 11 FOOT 8 - The Canopener Bridge

Wow, that's nuts.

Btw, an explanation from the website:

"In April 2008, I set up a camera in one of our offices at Brightleaf Square and started recording the traffic at the bridge. The idea was that eventually I’d record a crash. Just a few weeks later a truck crashed into the trestle and I had my first recording. In June 2009, I set up another camera in a storefront across the street, and since then I have been recording the crashes from two angles (most of the time)."

My favorite is the second hay truck whose driver has to have seen what happened to the truck in front.

An accident density that would make the Roundabout Recorder jealous, though the footage is probably not very valuable, since inevitably in these cases the bridge is found to be in the right.

Is there no actual audio recording? Some of the sounds must have bern horrific!

The youtube video below - also from 11foot8 - has sound (though the tops of trucks being scraped off all sound kind of the same) - and has more clips than the one above:

This trestle bridge is a well known fixture in the Raleigh/Durham NC area... every few months or so the local news will run clips of recent mishaps.

That is pretty good audio and video on the more recent clips. I wonder what camera(s) he is using.