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How You Got Here? What Do You See For The Future Of Surveillance?

I went round and round as to what to call this post, when started I was going to do 2 posts. How you got here? What do you see for the future of Surveillance?

I’ve searched IPVM post, read your replies, decide that most of you are here because you all enjoy the satisfaction that, well here are some excerpts from a post that was started by John on Jan 30th 2013

Don't Follow Your Passion, Go Into Physical Security Jan 30th 2013

John Honovich Money quotes: “It’s easy to confuse a hobby or interest for a profound passion that will result in career and business fulfillment. The reality is that type of preexisting passion is rarely valuable. “Passion is a side effect of mastery... The satisfaction of achieving one level of success spurs you on to gain the skills to reach the next level, and the next, and the next. And one day you wake up feeling incredibly fulfilled.”

That fits well with my experience. What about you?

Michael Silva “Most of the people that I know of in physical security seemed to stumble into it and before long it became their career.”

Ethan Ace “A passion for problem solving”

Brain Rhodes “but nothing beats that satisfaction when your systems work so flawlessly and smooth the end user acts as if they've always been there.”

Sherman Hall “I'm probably an anomaly for this website. I don't install / sell IP cameras full time. I'm here because I enjoy the technology and this site allows me to stay immersed.”

Christopher Freeman “Look to people who have done it, not to a bunch of philosophers who have no life experience. I look to experts for expertise, experience and Background. I never go to someone who has no life experience right out of school.”

Sagy Amit “Now a days, there is nothing more fulfilling than finding the right solutions for client’s needs.”

Some past discussions on the future…….

What do you see for the future of surveillance?

Me, I prefer volume this is where I see it, the home consumer sector is ripe for surveillance and the small home and apartment system are next.

  • Video Analytics inside the home to avoid false alarms,
  • SD or edge storage in cameras backed up with a small NAS,
  • Remote viewing.
  • Maybe 1 or 2 cameras on a hosted service.
  • Cabling how many consumer can fish wires thru walls and terminate?
  • WI-FI
  • Consumer are afraid of the unknown, http, ip addressing, port forwarding, not everyone knows how to do what you guys do.
  • Consumer will need professional to install and implement video into their small networks.
  • Consumers aren’t going to pay the Telco’s and Cable providers the extra fee for 3 years at $40.00.

How I got here:
I got in this industry by selling used store equipment from Walmart. For almost 2 years, I made a full time living refurbishing and re-selling all of the de-commissioned analog cameras and equipment. Thats how I got to where I am today.

The future:
In my opinion, cloud storage and cloud NVR's will be the next big thing. Once fiber internet becomes mainstream, this is a done deal. Video gets sent to an offsite server. No port forwarding needed, its just plug and play and extremely simple. Nothing will replace local storage for backup purposes, but the cloud is the future, and not just surveillance, it will be everything.

This could happen quickly if the government decides to throw some money at the internet infrastructure.

FIBER to the house node has been sequestered.

I followed Marty here...