How Would You Lock It #2? Access Door Problem

Here is another tricky door problem in the same spirit as this question:

All three images are the same door. Notice this is not a single leaf door, but actually has two swinging leaves. Instead of a rigid frame on the strike side, there is a short stub that can swing out to make the total opening width wider.

The stub is hollow wood veneer with locking points on the top and bottom (see middle picture). The installed door lever is a storeroom function lock, and this opening is used about 12 - 15 times per hour during business hours. It should be locked the rest of the time.

What kind of lock or hardware would you suggest for securing this opening?

For this application, I would typically recommend an electric lock and electric transfer on the active leaf of the door. This would require drilling/routing around the edge of the door to get the wiring between the lock and the hinge. I have also seen installers remove the glass from the frame and install the wiring around the inner edge of the frame behind the glass.

You could also install an electric strike and electric hinge on the inactive leaf, but I always prefer a electric lock over a electric strike.

These types of doors are very popular in healthcare environments and I have specified both combinations probably hundreds of times.

I see no way to solve this issue unless a power transfer hinge is used.

We recently had a member ask "Who makes a reliable powered hinge?" which is a good question, because those things always seem to break or fail after three - five years.

If you have a recommendation on a good hinge, please click and respond to that question. Thanks!

This may be a good place for Assa Abloy's Aperio Wireless solution. Everything is in the door, it then communicates in real time with a HUB which converts the wireless data to Wiegand.

What about a wireless lock? Stanley EL or Wi-Q, Allegion AD series, etc.? This would be installation on the door only with no wiring to run and an access point in the ceiling nearby.