How Would You Improve This Cameras Positioning?

Take a look at this image:

The cameras are mounted ~20 feet high and tilted down at ~70 degrees. As such, it's going to get the tops of people's heads and not a lot else. (background: Testing Camera Height vs Image Quality).

Part of the problem obviously is the material on the front of the building which is likely hard to drill / aesthetically undesirable.

What do you think? What would you do?

Granite... by reflection. Do I notice camera above the door left corner. Relocate under ledge under sign.

Is the purpose so see who is going into the building or just who is passing by. Can smaller dome cameras be mounted just above the door undeneath sign?

I'm no expert, but I would suggest that a camera be positioned to view the door from the inside.

a hemispheric camera (180 degrees) like ACTi's KCM-7911 would work great installed just out of reach, directly on the wall, and set in 180 degree mode (not 360). It would capture everything in the scene and not just the top of heads (as long as there's good lighting)

Drop Cameras Down 4'-6' above bush & signs: 10-12' above ground level

Setting up the Focal Pt to cross detection and looking towards the oncoming pedestrians and the doorway simultaneously. This lets you see some , not all of streets activity's

This Give s a Bonus of Both Front and Back Views as well as oncoming & outgoing traffic .

Change to Vandleproof Domes, with 2.8 or 3.6 mm lens, 1.3-3mpxl with wdr , low lux and Good Cameras for the contrast of Black Granite and Extremes of reflection of lites at night.

Option one: get a granite guy to pop a hole for you.

Option two: pop a hole just under the granite as far right as possible, build an arm that will extend a hemispheric camera out past the granite. That should cover as much of the frontage as possible.