How Would You Categorize VA's Improvement Over The Last 8 Years?

...but until we see a real uptrend, video analytics testing will remain a lower priority for us.

As we are fast approaching IPVM's Decennial, how would you categorize VA's improvement over that same period?

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how would you categorize VA's improvement over that same period?

Not a lot at all.

Look at the camera market - April 2008 was very early MP H.264 and the industry norm was still SD analog for a few hundred dollars per camera. Now it's Full HD and 1080p HD analog is $50, 4MP IP for $100; WDR all over the place, low light color a reality, etc. A big big transformation.

For analytics, it is somewhat better, VideoIQ established itself as reliable, Avigilon bought them, expanded analytics, that I think is the biggest product development shift.

OV is gone, 3VR is a shell of its self, ioimage got bought out by DVTel who did very little with it, etc...

Some of the others remaining (Agent VI, Briefcam) are better somewhat.

But there's been no radical transformation. If you went back to 2008 and said, "In 8 years, video analytics would still be widely mistrusted and not widely used", how many would believe you? I wouldn't of.

You missed the impact of BRS Labs ;)

I am not even sure how to categorize the destruction of BRS Labs. Certainly, a video analytics company but what they did with financing and blowing through money and making wild claims was at another level completely.

But there's been no radical transformation.

I wonder how you can say that? For example eight years ago, if you were lucky, you might have gotten a camera with some cross-line detection that was mostly unusable.

Today, many cameras ship with mostly unusable face detection and other mostly unusable higher analytics right out of the box.

So that's a pretty big jump, no? ;)

You are pretty clever...

Btw, there are a number of manufacturers including face detection but it is generally fairly useless since very few 3rd party VMSes / recorders support it.

Related, I'd really like to see people detection become a standard feature of cameras / recorders (i.e., show me thumbnails of all the people captured on a camera for the last hour or from 8am to 9am, etc.). This would be very helpful forensically.