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How/Where Do You Get Project Leads?

How/where do you go about getting leads for project?

For example, where do you search for leads for projects such as banks/supermarkets/etc...

I have tried dodgebid and blue book, but they are mainly targeted towards contractors rather then security professionals


Hello, Undisclosed:

This answer varies based on which type of business you're seeking out. As an integrator, it can even vary on the types of systems you typically install/service. For example, Dodge and isqft can be a good source for Access Control jobs, but can seem pretty big wastes of time for video surveillance work.

However, competitive bidding your way to sustainability is tough. For any integrator, the most productive leads come from 'pounding pavement' - meeting regularly with existing customers on future expansion, or potential projects they have heard from peers. Asserting yourself as a 'consultative salesman' is a good approach, if you have the experience and knowledge to back it up.

Introducing yourself to, and cultivating relationships with the local General Contractors or Construction Management Companies in your regions are good, too. Those guys are often responsible for getting video surveillance or other security systems installed, but often do not have the time to formally bid things. At the end of a project, they are in a hurry just to get the project finished - so they hit the Rolodex and call a trusted subcontractor. If you can be 'that sub', you stand to pick up a lot of work.

You should also consider introducing yourself to the 'security consultants' in your area. If you can establish credibility and trust with them, referral work sometimes falls from the sky. Same with your Manufacturer Reps and CSRs. Actively talk to those people, don't just wait for them to call on you.

Security sales is tough. Sometimes it feels like you need to move 2000 pounds of prospects to glean that 1 oz of contracted projects.

I am mainly interested in IP surveillace and Access Control.

We have other businesses so we don't need to need to get tons of projects. It is just that I go into a bank or supermarket and I see that just put in a analog system. If I knew where they had posts the prjects, I would have tried to sell them a decent IP system for not that much more.

Is there a directory of Construction Management Companies that I could go through to find ones in the area? How about for security consultants. Google doesnt provide that many promising results.


Most (non huge) business do not 'post' their projects nor do they use consultants. It's by invitation to companies they already know. That's why it's important to get to know these businesses directly.

Most businesses are not constantly needing sureveillance and access control work. So do we just go knocking on every bussiness door?

For example a store like walmart, I am sure they make some sort of posting. Is there something like blue book that is more targeted towards this field?


Forget huge companies unless you are already a fairly big, experienced integrator or want to be a subcontractor to do simple labor.

For chains, security service is not often negotiated 'per store'. It is managed/negotiated/sold at a corporate level, by region or chain-wide.

Chain stores often do not make public postings. They do not need to endure the expense. Rather, there are droves of interested vendors that come to them.

Sometime franchises buy through supply distributors. For example, "national sandwich shop" doesn't locally seek out integrators for one-off designs. Rather, they go to their restaurant supplier and buy "CCTV System X" that comes with local installation as part of price. In that case, the integrator markets themselves to the supply distributor, not the franchise.

Make a list of 20 - 50 local companies that you are interested in, and pursue them directly. A lot of mid sized companies will do negotiated work with local integrators. If you can get in with a few, that provides a solid foundation