How Well Do You Know Your Acronyms?

How many know what every acronym found on a typical spec sheet expands to? I didn't.

Imager: Progressive Scan CMOS 1/4"

Lens: Aperture F1.8 HFOV: 180° VFOV: 100°

Control: ePTZ: 4x digital zoom

Compression: H.264 & MJPEG

Maximum Frame Rate: 30 fps @ 1280x800

Noise: SN Ratio - Above 56 dB - WDR


Interface: Ethernet (RJ-45) ONVIF Supported, LED Indicator

Flash: 128 MB RAM

Power: IEEE 802.3af PoE Class 1 Power Consumption Max. 3.8W

Safety Certifications: CE, LVD, FCC Class B,

Temp: 0°C ~ 40°C (32°F ~ 104°F)

Accessories: CD

40 Total - How many did you NOT know? :)

2. Didn't know what the e stood for in ePTZ and LVD.


Without googling:

CMOS: certified metal oxide sensor

f: f-stop, for focal ratio

HFOV: horizontal field of view

VFOV: vertical field of view

ePTZ: electronic field of view, refers to the ability to blow up a portion of the image

x: times

MJPEG: Motion JPEG, or Joint Photographers Something Something

FPS: frames per second

SN: signal to noise ratio

dB: decibels

WDR: wide dynamic range

IPv4: internet protocol version 4

IPv6: internet protocol version 6

HTTP: hypertext telemetry protocol

HTTPS: hypertext telemetry protocol, secure

UPnP: universal plug 'n play

RTSP: real time streaming protocol

IGMP: imaging group mapping protocol

SMTP: secure mapping telecom protocol

FTP: file transfer protocol

DHCP: dynamic hypertext connection protocol

NTP: national time protocol

DNS: dynamic name protocol

DDNS: darned dynamic name protocol

QoS: quality of service

SNMP: same name mapping protocol

RJ: reliable jack

ONVIF: Organization for Network Video Interfacing Federation

LED: light emiting diode

MB: megabyte

RAM: random access memory

IEEE: international electric engineers something (the Internet people)

PoE: power over ethernet

W: watt

CE: certifying engineers

LVD: never heard of this one

FCC: federal communications commision

C: celsius

F: fahrenheit

CD: compact disk

How did I do?

Great! if your goal was to kill a thread. Haha

That discussion was not 'killed' by you, though there's no denying the fact that you 'killed it' in that thread.


Love the 'reliable jack' and the telemetry protocols, wish I could be as honest. :)

Love the 'reliable jack' and the telemetry protocols, wish I could be as honest. :)

I don't care enough to lie. I'd like to think that I've built up a reputation as being moderately knowledgable in this field, and I don't need to pretend to know something I don't.

I don't need to pretend to know something I don't.

For sure, you don't. :)

For any not so sure, may I suggest the timeless classic Fake It Till You Make It; Confidence Is More Important Than Knowledge.

p.s. most likely talking to someone who knew every letter of every acronym you could throw at them would be not so interesting.

Some other corrections:

CMOS: Complementary metal-oxide semiconductor

IGMP: Internet group management protocol

SMTP: Simple mail transfer protocol (plaintext unless used with SSL/TLS)

NTP: Network time protocol

DNS: Domain name system

DDNS: Dynamic DNS

SNMP: Simple network management protocol

HTTP: Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

I never knock a guy who can spell farenhiet fahrenheit.

DHCP - Dynamic HOST Configuration Protocol

The real question - how many can I make you think I know?