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How To View Security Video Encoded In PMK5?

Have a video file ends with .avi extension. It can't be viewed by vlc , windows media player or other mainstream video viewer, the error message indicates that "PMK5" codec is required in order to process the video. Google'd it but can't find any useful info. Has anyone have experience in dealing with such encode mothod? What viewer can open such file?

Hi Louis, do you know the source of the video, i.e. what generated the video file? Could it be a Pelco NVR? If so, I think they have a freeware viewer for their files. My Google searching suggested downloading some codec packs from the internet but you need to tread cautiously with that as it can be a great way to pick up viruses and spyware masquerading as a codec pack.

Thanks Luke. Yeah, I googled and find the codec listed at a Russian site. PMK5.codec.exe is the name. However, it doesn't allowed to be downloaded.

Anyone has this PMK5.codec ?

Hi Louis, I found other people referring to Russian sites for the magic codec. However some of them reported downloading codec packs and still finding they could not open the video. Knowing the source of the file would probably be a big help.