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How To Troubleshoot This?

We have a installation of Kantech Intevo unit with American Dynamics illustra 610 series bullets, where cameras are connected through ONVIF with Intevo. The cameras have been going in and out since installation. They stay on for an hour or two then blink out for a couple days and when the cameras go off line they can still be reached by the webpage. Does this mean the cameras are fine but are not reaching the software?

What could be the issue? POE? Software compatibility? or else?

The cameras are static IP addressed?

Yes it is.

When the cameras are reachable directly in the browser, do they appear to be operating normally?

They just don't 'show up' properly in the VMS?

Yes its operating normally on the browser when they go offline(blanc screen like there was no camera configured on the screen) in VMS.