How To Test Coaxial Cable ?

hi. what are the different ways to test co-axial cable and say whether the coaxial cable is good or bad.

You can use a simple continuity tester to determine if there is a broken center conductor or short between the shielding and the center conductor. This is the most basic test you can do.

do we need to check the impedance of the cable also to tell whether the cable is good or not ?

There are many cheap or high-tech testers for coax. For example I use Fluke DTX-1800 Certifier for twisted pair, fiber and coax with different adapters. If it is too expensive to buy one it is always possible to rent it.

Measurements include:



Propagation Delay (smaller - better on the same cable length)

Insertion Loss (smaller - better)

Impedance anomaly detection (how much and where)