How To Specify A Quality Integrator

Designing of a specification for a 100 camera project that will be expanded in future phases (well over 1000 cameras and doors). In my Division 28 section, I am specifying the minimum qualifications necessary to obtain a quality integrator (It's a high risk client). This is a specification and not an RFP. So statements like: “Integrator shall be skilled in all aspects of systems integration and shall provide resume’s of technical personnel assigned to this project” are fine for an RFP (where there is a comparative point value assigned); but not correct for a specification, such as this revised version of the above: “Submit documentation that at least two technical staff assigned to this project have achieved certification for one or more of the following: aaa, bbb, ccc.

In other words, in a spec, there should be no ambiguity (although admittedly there often is). So, in this case therefore there are two essential criteria I need to abide by: 1)A clear statement as to what is expected of the integrator; and 2) a way to prove what the integrator claims. Tell me what YOU think is enough experience. Is it enough to have one tec available that is certified? Or must we have two? Or must he be on site? Etc. etc. What about the company? How long should they be in business? Doing what? What are other quals you think relevant to the matter?

From IPVM there are a number of certifications cited but I would greatly appreciate anything additional you could add from your own experiance. I believe it IS ok to limit competition; you just cannot do it unfairly.

Appologies for the length...

with what you have stated, set the criteria around the future project be not this phase. Huge difference in integrator capability. If the products are limited in access to specific integrators (Genetec / Lenel / C-Cure), make sure they have more than one tech certified with more than a year of certification but more recent than 3 years. I'm sure the specifiers here will add to this.

I agree. Is the 3 year minimum certification (which is fine by me) based on anything in particular?

Many times the issue happens where a large company will acquire the certification after the award in which case they lack the experience. On the other hand some guys have had the certification for so long on a very old version of the product, thereby not familiar either. Someone with 1 to 3 years should have actually worked a few projects and still relatively current.