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How To Setup Live Streaming And Forward It To The Internet?

I would like to know the steps involved to enable live camera streaming on the internet. What are the configurations required for unicast / multicast streaming?

Taher, do you know the specific camera make / model you want to use? How many people do you expect to regularly watch the feed? Both of these questions will impact the correct solution.

Also, this discussion on Embedding Video and PTZ controls in a web browser might be interesting to you.

Finally, multicasting is almost certainly not an option when streaming over the Internet as the public Internet typically does not support multicasting.

John, it is a Sony CH120 and we expect not more than 10 simultaneous visitors on the website

Also, do you want to show it in the Sony web interface or do you want to embed into another web page? The former is easy, the later is more complicated.

I need to embed into another web page.

I can easily forward the HTTP port to the internet and obtain an image or h264 video. Though the Sony does support Unicast and Multicast streaming over UDP.

Would it not be more efficient to use UDP to conserve bandwidth

The maximum number of web connections for the 5th gen of sony cameras is 5. With the sony it is really quite easy to embed the video in an external webpage or you can upload a custom webpage directly onto the camera.

To get the embedded code to put on a external webpage just log into the camera, click on the viewer tab and pick html output tab. It will give you the exact html code to embed into any webpage.

On a side note if you were to use Sonys 6th Generation cameras they will support up to 20 clients.

Thanks Duncan! Do you recall if they require an ActiveX control on the embed code? Or is there a MJPEG or other option?

You can choose jpeg(works on a mac), jpeg/flash, and activex. Just pick your settings (Image size, PTZ control, FPS, Autoplay, Sound, Menu option, ect.) hit the preview button and the camera will generate the new html code.

Thanks Duncan

Though is there a way to overcome the 5 connection limit as the camera does support multicast or should I just get the 6th Gen

You can use VLC to unicast/multicast a RTSP stream from a IP camera. VLC acts as a "proxy" to allow more connections. Other options include Ustream.

There is no way to overcome the 5 connection limit on the camera as the camera only has so much horse power. The only other ways of doing it requires a server and software of some kind. Is this an option? Are these cameras being recorded or are you using a security cameras for s non security application?

The camera is purely used for streaming. No recording at all.

You probably want to consider a service like HD Relay