How To Recover Local Video Recording In Sd Memory Outside Of The Camera

We received a sd memory which was installed in a camera and does not allow us to extract the video I appreciate the help in this regard.

Looks like it might be corrupted, have you run fsck on it yet?

I think your biggest potential issue (other than the possibility of the card being corrupted) is the fact that there's really no standard for how video stored on the card - file system, file format, video container, etc. may be entirely dependent on the specific brand of camera, and even the specific model.

I think your best bet would be to find out at least what brand, and if possible what model camera it came from, and insert it into another one of those.

Thank you very much for the help.

the camera is DVTEl model CF-4221-00. We try to export the video from a device like without success. We work for the police department of the Dominican Republic and sometimes this is a big problem not being able to Florence on devices that receive. If you have information about fornece video surveillance I would be very grateful.

try mounting the device and then the command

"chmod 777 /dev/sr0"

then you need to run fsck to fix it, but to so you then need to unmount it

"unmount /dev/sr0"

then run fsck

"fsck -a /dev/sr0"

if you are lucky you will be able to restore the files on it it should let you know either way

unmount /dev/sr0