How To Mount Multiple Cameras On A Pole In A Circular Array

I have a need to mount as many as 16 to 24 cameras on a pole in a circular array. I recall seeing somewhere, may or may not have been on IPVM, where someone made a custom mount for a pseudo-panoramic camera system (maybe Google?) but can't recall where I saw it. If you can't imagine what I am describing, think of tall light poles along a highway or in a parking lot where the fixture lowers for servicing. Any thoughts, or am I having a senior moment?

Multi-camera array

I remember seeing an 8 camera bracket that was hung pendent style from a ceiling, but it didn't raise/lower for service. I'll try to find the picture and link and post here.

24 cameras?! Holy smokes! Each camera would have a 15 degree FoV with no overlap!

Thanks Brian, I am not sure of the client will want it to lower, or if we'll just use a bucket truck to service since it'll only be about 20' off the ground. I was just using the light pole example as a reference.

And I thought no one even cared.

Google Jumps Into The Panoramic Camera Market

That is the exact picture I recall seeing - thanks! Any thoughts on who may have done the custom fabrication? I do not plan on using GoPro cameras ;-)

Disclaimer: I'm a Pelco employee.

Pelco has a Special Modification Requests program that can make customizations for Pelco products. This might be something the SMR team could achieve. That being said, not sure if any specific cameras are specified for this project.