How To Mount A Camera To A Stucco Covered Foam Wall?

I am trying to mount a camera to a stucco covered foam wall, what type of screw would hold the camera tight there? The plywood behind it is about 5 inches behind the foam.



see: Surveillance Problems with Synthetic Stucco (EIFS)

Is relocating the camera mounting location and changing the lensing an option?

Unfortunatly no. The entire building is covered with stucco. I guess I will read the guide to see for suggestions.


I'd suggest using all-thread with nuts on the end instead of long bolts.

You want to anchor the camera to the plywood backing, and not compress the styrofoam stucco coat at all.

If it makes sense: think of mounting the camera on an external backing board that is tied to the internal backing board 5" deep by your home-made connecting all-thread rods.

Don't dimple the stucco man. You're in for trouble if you do. :(

Thank you. Ill give it a try.

The trunkslammer way:

Select the lightest weight camera that will do the job. Mark your holes. Use a long, thin drill bit to make pilot holes. Get long wood screws, and hand tighten. As soon as you feel the screw start to bite into the wood, turn once and then go to the next screw over. Keep giving each screw half turns until the base of the camera juuust starts to depress the stucco, before it's visible from the ground, and you should be good to go. The real challenge is getting a ladder up there without dimpling the stucco. I recommend taping a layer of cardboard over the top rung if you can't lean it on a window sill or something.

I once saw someone cut out the stucco, mount a round outdoor workbox directly to the plywood, and mount a camera to the workbox. The cut wept styrafoam for years after, every time it got windy, and the customer was hopping mad.