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How To Integrate Exacq To A Point Of Sale System Via Serial Out Of Printer?

I have never worked with exacq before. What is a method to connect exacq to a Point of Sale system using the printer out from the point of sale? That way the customer can search by transaction, etc.....

Thank you

Whose POS?

Is it one of these? I haven't used exacq, (but have done POS integration), but I can see that it allows you to define TCP and UART (and others)  type serial stream definitions.  What kind of printer port is it? If it is rs-232 then use UART. If you are you using one the supported POS's, it looks like the definition is done for you.  Otherwise you will need to access your POS documentation and define various tags/delimiters, like BOT (beginning of transaction), so that the stream can interpreted correctly.  This is the screen to setup serial ports.

The method to connect ExacqVision to a point of sale system will be via serial data over serial port or serial data over IP.

The screens below show a connection to an Axis camera that is configured to send a text string over IP address whenever the tamper detection event fires. The use type is listed as “POS” and this obviously isn’t, but it’s an easy example. There are essentially three steps to configure this type of data integration.

1. Configure the technical details of the data connection (IP details or serial port details). This is configured on the Serial Port page.

2. Configure exacqVision to recognize the data within the connection and designate keywords and data values of interest for the system to act on. This is accomplished on the Serial Profile page

3. Configure the system to take automatic actions based on keywords or data values. This is accomplished on the Event Linking page.

Additionally, you can also just search on anything you want in the data, on the Search screen.