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How To Creatively Integrate Security Into The Architecture Design Of Buildings? .

Consumers have begun to depend on Architects to incorporate visionary / state-of-the-art security systems in the design process of new projects. What examples do you have of working with an Architect to create unique security design concepts into the building architecture? How are you using CCTV, access control, turnstiles, in non-traditional ways? Are you using video Analytics?

Categories of: Prevention, Early Detection of an event, Delay impact /penetration, enabling quicker Response to an event.

Any websites or pictures to share of artistic solutions?

This is a great topic.

I was in high school when the Murrah Building was bombed in OKC (I felt it/heard it 15 miles away). Even in highschool, we all learned what CPTED meant and how it could be important in building design. Almost overnight, elements like landscape planters and bollards appeared in front of public buildings to increase standoff distance.

Even as a security integrator, customers dealing with access control issues can be aided by restricting open access with natural chokepoints, ie:

In our Access Control Fundamentals class, we talk about how building design enhances access systems. For example, if your customers have issues with door propping keeping door unsecured, examine why. Many time, the door stays propped to help those caught at an exposed opening enter faster. Who wants to fumble with a card when it's cold, blustery, and ice is falling from the sky?

It could improve security dramatically just to include an over-hang or leanto over the controlled door. Shelter users you're asking to use the access system, and the easier/more convenient it is, the less they try to circumvent it. You can even use the overhead to improve lighting and hang security cameras closer to the door: