How To Create A Floorplan For Mapping Cameras?

Would you know of any apps or applications that make it easy to create floorplans if you know the dimensions of the site/building?

I want to use / upload a floorplan to the calculator.

Google Sketchup is pretty easy. There is a 2D free version and a paid 3D version that will just blow your mind. It is really unlike a CAD program in most ways, but once you get the hang of it, you will kiss CAD goodbye. There are several more traditional CAD programs if you don't want the expense of AutoCad, which has several versions available. Turbo Cad is a pretty good one, ProgeCad is another good one I have used on my laptop. It travels well. Here is a link to a few others.

You can even use MSPaint, the stock drawing program with Windows.

I have worked with extreme novices that do not work well with email, much less CAD. For them, be sure to download a graph paper template to observe proportion like this one:

The first step is loading that grid background first to draw lines on.

This really is the key: the lines they draw must be mathemtatically proportionate to each other. We can worry about scale later (our calculator does this) but the designer has to decide that each square is 2 feet or 1 foot or similar and stick with it.

From there, the designer can sketch out a floorplan that observes measurements, like this one:

It may not be beautiful or detailed, but I have enough on there to plan a camera layout! Everything is proportionally correct thanks to my grid squares.

From there, you can import and scale that saved filed right into the calculator. Here's a short video of that process FYI:

The key to scaling correctly is knowing the distance/area each grid square covers. You can then adjust the green line and type in that known length, and you end up with a scaled floorplan in the calculator!

For simple drawings, it is also possible to create dimension plans using the line markup tool in the calculator. This short clip shows the process:

However dimensions only show on single line segments (not polygons), so using this markup tool is not going to be as flexible as CAD or even the grid method above.

What are some symbols used for cctv and intrusion detection drawings?

SIA just released a new version of their standard that includes many CCTV and Intrusion system symbols. The library costs $275 for nonmembers of SIA:

SIA/IAPSC AG-01-2015 - Architectural Graphics - CAD

One of our members ported over an older version of that standard for Visio. We posted it here:

CCTV AutoCAD Symbols/Visio Shapes

I am surprised that nobody mentioned MS Visio. Visio has built-in wall elements.

Also you can create floor plans using our software. IP Video System Design Tool allows to create floor plans. You can add walls, doors, windows, furniture and cameras with their parameters and get even 3D views if you need. To have a wall with known lenght you can select a wall and type, for example, 10 and press Enter key.

I always find it is easiest to create layouts for our installers in excel. Yup, you can import prints and add shapes, connectors and text. On another sheet I will have the device numbers and descriptions. Will import the final system from comma delimited text data copied from Exacq Enterprise camera selection. Use Gadwin printscreen, select rectangle, and save as bitmap for mapping on the system. Keep as living document on our server for upgrades and customer inventory, firmware, and serial numbers. Print all to pdf for customer and as builts. Most have Excel, also, to open and edit these. Also use ip video design tool on some occasions for detailed design.