How To Build A Viewing PC For Customer

We have a customer who is having PC/ cameras stream stability issues on his viewing stations and we have been tasked to build a better/proper station for him to eliminate these issues.

We have determined that the system CPU is spiking to 100% and causing the stability issues.

Are there any tools out there that will assist is building a proper viewing station (CPU, Memory, GPU, etc) for a given codec, resolution and frame rate?

The camera settings are only half of the story and the client software being used also has a lot to do with processing, but outside of the client software issues, anything you folks have used in the past to make sure your viewing stations are powerful enough to handle the camera streams?

I know a lot of VMS's have client options built in, but I'm looking for something more agnostic/third party to give me an idea of where I need to start spec-wise.

The customer is viewing 32 simultaneous cameras at full 1080p/30fps/H.264. However, it is split across two instances of the Client viewing software due to screen real estate limitations...i.e. they can't just get a huge TV and view all 32 on a single instance of the viewer, hence the need to split it out. The VMS they are using does not offer any type of video wall application or solution.

Any assistance is appreciated.

I am not aware of any tools to calculate this but in my limited experience all of these softwares are CPU CPU CPU intensive. I had recently specified a decent Dell 4th gen i5 for about 42 cameras. This worked OK until we pushed it up to 56 cameras which crippled the machine. I then built a custom machine with a 6th gen i7, 16GB of RAM, an older ATI video card (7770) and the machine is flawless. Software is Hik's iVMS-4200 and CPU load went from 98% to 3-5% during normal viewing of all channels.

Lesson learned, Always use the best CPU budget allows and go overkill if you can. Just my opinion.

Best of luck.

Are they running a VMS/Camera solution that can simple shuffle between a low profile and the higher profile? What's the point of running 16 channels live on one monitor at 1080p?

If a Skylake i7 and GTX1060 can't handle a 2 monitor client station, you need to point fingers at other components/configurations in your system.