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How To Add Audio To An IPC?


I have a client who has 27 pieces of IPC-HDW1100 connected to NVR 4432 using POE Switch and Cat6 Cable.

Now he wants to add audio in all the IPC.

What would i require to make audio work with the current setup.


That camera doesn't support audio. If they just want to listen you should test a Dahua camera with a built in mic.

Hello Undisclosed A,

The IPC-HDW1000S cameras do not have audio capabilities

IPC-HDW1000S Audio Spec

The NVR4408/4416/4432 has only one audio input and one audio output.

NVR4408/4416/4432 Audio Spec

Based on the hardware combination you have, you will not be able to add audio support for the IPC-HDW1000S cameras.

Dahua does does offer cameras that support audio, but the form factor/feature set may not be identical.

Here are a few Dahua cameras I've found to support audio nativly

I hope you find this helpful.

Assuming 'A' were to upgrade the 27 cameras to one of the ones you have listed, would the NVR be then be capable of recording audio from all of them? Or just the one rca? Or maybe just some?

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Hi. Matt.

From the IPC list that you suggested, would i still require an additional pickup or anhything else to make the audio work ?

Hello Undisclosed A and B :)

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I should have done this originally and I'm sorry I didn't, but I ran some criteria through our camera finder. I searched for Dahua dome cameras that support full duplex audio.

There are 33 domes that meet this criteria and the above link should get you to those results.

If the domes have a built in microphone and are transmitting H.264 to the recorder, nothing additional should be needed.

If the domes require and external microphone you will need to connect one to the camera in order for it to pick up audio.

The audio should traverse the network along with the video, then can be played back through your PC or viewing workstation speakers.

I haven't yet tested any Dahua audio stuff myself, but the above holds true in practice for all other cameras I've dealt with in the past.

I hope this helps.

I have used Dahua audio and it is important to understand if he requires talk back or just listen in. The cameras with a MIC built in will need to be placed properly for the audio as well as the video. IF the unIt requires talk back by camera you need cameras with low level audio in and out. The sound will be transmitted over the Ethernet. Here is the big catch. See Ethan's write up on adding audio to video. You need a line level input to the camera which usually takes a separate power source and an amplified speaker which also requires separate power. In a nutshell, changing the cameras for units that have a built inicrophone is easy, playback through the HDMI is simple and you can test it by replacing just one cameras doing talk back or remote MIC'a is not so easy.

Hi Greg.

They only require one way which can they either hear in real time and or playback later on.

I am proposing them IPC-HDW4300C