How Tests Make Us Smarter

Check this out:

"Tests serve students best when they’re integrated into the regular business of learning and the stakes are not make-or-break, as in standardized testing.... Students in classes with a regimen of regular low- or no-stakes quizzing carry their learning forward through the term, like compounded interest... A little studying suffices at exam time — no cramming required."

This is an approach we take in IPVM courses, where each week, a new quiz is posted.

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What do you think about this approach?

Also interesting claim here:

"Surprisingly, researchers have also found that the most common study strategies — like underlining, highlighting and rereading — create illusions of mastery but are largely wasted effort, because they do not involve practice in accessing or applying what the students know."

What's the difference between teaching and training? Teaching simply imparts knowledge from the teacher to the student. Training places an expectation in the students mind that they will apply that knowledge in their life. Taking regular tests and applying teachings in the real world are apart of training. There's a big difference in hearing classroom theory and being able to apply that knowledge in the real world. Regularly testing our knowledge helps us to do that (no matter how experienced or inexperienced someone is).

Depends on your job. If you’re a desk jockey...then classroom and if your work is with your hands, then training. Of course both need to rely on the other tactic on occasion.

In today’s age, learning needs to be in ones blood if you want to succeed. Learning is more than just a 4 year college or technical college. It is something you should constantly do. All of this is why I am a Founding Member of Degreed. You should look into this, John, for your Education/Certification.

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