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10 Cameras - Place Them On The Same Or Separate Network?

My apologies if this subject has already been addressed but I'm wondering if video surveillance implementation of multiple cameras (10+) should use the same network or be in a completely different network. Would this also be easier to diagnose in case of a network failure?


Edgar, see: IP Video Network Deployment Survey Results which discusses the tradeoffs os using the same of different network.

In your case, 10 cameras is not a lot, so that minimizes some of the risk/concern. A big question is: Does IT manage these 10 cameras? If yes, putting them on the network is probably fine. If not, buy a separate switch and connect them to that.

Thanks, John. When would actually be a good time to put the cameras on a separate network so as not to get into a finger pointing situationas to who is at fault for the whole network being down?


When different organizations are installing / maintaining the video system the regular LAN plus there is a real risk of conflict.