How Should IPVM Handle End Of Life Models In The Calculator And Finder?

We now have nearly 8,000 models across the IPVM Calculator and Camera Finder. Some of those models are end of life'd (EOL) and we are trying to determine what to do with them.

Here are the tradeoffs:

  • We can default to hiding EOL cameras and then allowing some control to show them. Problem here is that many people are still somehow using EOL'ed cameras (e.g., we got a request last week to show Dropcam...). If we default them to hidden, those looking for them will likely not realize they have to click a control to show and be frustrated.
  • We can default to showing all cameras including EOL and then allowing some control to hide them. Problem here is that it wastes space.
  • A potential third way is default to only showing current, non-EOL cameras but when a user filters/search show all cameras including EOL that match.

Anyone have any preference or idea here?

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