How Serious Are You About Cyber Security?

With lots of talk lately about Cyber Security I thought it would be a good topic for some folks to comment on. There have been many great discussions over the years on this blog and others but Cyber Security seems to still have taken a "back seat" in Building Operational Technologies. In this sector which includes Physical Security we are still many years behind Traditional Information Technologies on where we need to be. With the proliferation of IoT (internet of things) we now face many more threats and the focus needs applied across all fronts if exploits can get in the "back door".

What are you doing to ensure you have a well established Cyber Program? Let's start by talking about the products we use in daily lives at work, how secure are they really?

As an example how do harden a exterior IP enabled device such a camera or card reader? What methods do you employ to mitigate the risk associated with having that device exposed to exploitation?

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